Why Well Water Filtration Systems Are a MUST – True Story

Many people don’t feel as if they need well water filtration systems because their well water comes from some aquifer deep in the woods. But most people would be surprised to learn what’s sitting inside their well water. Let me tell you a quick story to emphasizes this point a little…One day I was visiting my father and telling him about this new water filtration system I just installed in my home. I was telling him how great the water was we were now drinking and showing in.Anyways, I was sharing with him all the shocking information I learned about water contamination and the dangers it presented. Specifically, I was telling him all about how all the different synthetic chemicals (and even chlorine) that have been shown to be cancerous. I read a stat that the Ralph Nader research Group established that there was over 2,100 toxic chemicals found in U.S. drinking water that caused cancer. On top of this, our society has created over 80,000 different synthetic chemicals, all of which are most likely harmful to our health.I noticed as I was telling my father about all these facts that relate contaminated water to cancer that he was thinking hard about something. He, himself has cancer while he was in his late 20s.When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he was thinking about back when he had cancer. He said that at the time, he was getting his water from a well. What was more interesting is that 4 of his close neighbors had cancer within a few years of when he had it. But he never really thought about it being because of the water they were all drinking and showering in.Even though we could never prove that they all had cancer because of the well water they were sharing, it’s a very big possibility that is was from this exact commonality….The reason why well water filtration systems is so important is because unlike municipal water supplies, well water isn’t even filter AT ALL. Granted that all public plants do is filter out all the visible particles and then disinfect it with chlorine, at least they do something to make sure there’s no harmful bacteria in it.People who don’t feel they need to use well water filtration systems think that just because it comes from an aquifer underground, it means that it must be contaminant-free. But thanks to agricultural and lawn runoff, pollution, septic leakage, flooding, and improper use of cleaning chemicals, there’s no way possible to prove that the water is safe to consume.It’s not even worth taking a chance in my opinion. Well water filtration systems don’t even have to be that expensive either. All you really need is a unit that attaches to your kitchen sink, and one on the shower would be smart too. Together, you can assure that the water you drink and bathe in is pure, safe, and healthy for less than 30 cents a day!With the risk so great, and the solution so simple, why even take the chance?

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