How Natural is My Shampoo?

Apparently, there is no legal definition of ‘natural shampoo’. But on a chemical standpoint, being labeled as natural or organic shampoo is only reference to its content, particularly molecules containing carbon. This means that there are actually no legal guidelines and boundaries for manufacturers to control the ingredients of shampoo products that have ‘all natural’ claims.Hence, companies that are simply labeling shampoos as ‘all natural shampoos’ may still be using cheap, synthetic and potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Since natural and organic ingredients like fruit extracts and plant derived oils are expensive and have relatively limited production rates, manufacturing companies are still compelled to use chemically derived sudsing ingredients, syhtnetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients which are common irritants.Understandably, consumers are easily drawn and lulled into thinking that products labeled as ‘all natural’ and containing ‘herbal extracts’ are better than regular shampoo products. Most people are easily attracted by shampoo products that use earth-tonish advertising claims. The key to knowing how natural a particular natural shampoo product is checking its ingredients list.As you read the labels and ingredients list of natural shampoo products, you are likely to discover that they contain ingredients like Diethanolamine (DEA), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Diethanolamine is a common ingredient to most personal care products. According to Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D., the repeated use of chemical DEA even in small doses may increase the risk of developing cancer. This ingredient tends to react with other ingredients like nitrites, and product another potent carcinogen called nitrosos/DEA. Propylene glycol usually constitutes 10 to 20 percent of a typical formulation for cosmetic products. Its side-effects include skin irritation or dermatitis, liver and kidney abnormalities. This ingredient basically repels components like moisturizing water and oils, which results to dry and itchy hair and scalp.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are responsible for the sudsy properties of shampoos. In simple terms, these ingredients are basically cheap detergents that give shampoos a lot of foam. Deliberate use of these ingredients causes skin or scalp irritation and corroded hair follicles, which impair hair growth. Repeated use of these ingredients also impedes the body’s natural ability to regulate hair and scalp moisture.A lot of synthetic shampoo ingredients were found to be carcinogenic and common irritants. These ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and into the bloodstream. Hence, people who are aware of this fact opt to use authentic natural shampoo formulations, even if they are a bit more expensive that regular shampoos.To ensure the quality of natural shampoo products, most people look for “100% organic” seals. However, it would be wiser to simply refer to the ingredients list. As a rule of thumb, if the name of the ingredient is difficult to pronounce, they are potentially toxic. Look for ingredients that you are more familiar of. For instance, choose products that contain ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, green tea, chamomile and shea butter. These products use plant-based components to clean hair and leave it smooth and silky. The natural blending of essential oils and herbs readily gives natural shampoo products their fresh scent and gentle hair cleaning action.

Commercial Property Management – How to Maximise Income and Growth for the Landlord

When leasing or managing a commercial property the main focus for the real estate agent should be to grow property income wherever possible. That means good decisions when it comes to:New Tenant selection and lease documentation for the term of the lease
Stability of the current tenant mix and profile
Arrears control and management with existing tenants
Outgoings controls that allow the property to perform well for the occupants and yet not exceed expenditure benchmarks for a property of similar type in your area
Tenant mix in multiple tenant occupancy property for compatibility to other occupants
Lease terms and conditions that reflect the requirements of the landlord or investor
Rental amount and rent review strategy to allow rent growth in parity or better than the surrounding market and property
Options for a further term where appropriate given the age and type of the property
Highest and best use for the property given its location and zoning
Lifecycle management including strategies and decisions on refurbishment or redevelopmentSo these are the main factors that can help a property optimise its income for the owner. The best property managers and leasing agents should bring these skills and disciplines to the client and property owner.Property performance is all about being ahead of and on top of the property changes and challenges. Every property decision should be based on the strategy of growth and improvement for the owner’s portfolio. That being said, many property owners have differing targets and that is where the property manager should spend time getting to know the targets and design the management plan to suit.The monthly report to be provided to a property management client should reflect and include these main topics:Income detail for the month
Expenditure detail for the month
Arrears commentary and strategy underway
Lease and other documentation outstanding
Tenant mix report and strategy on upcoming changes required
Lease expiry and renewal report
Customer visitations (in the case of a retail property)
Vacancy detail and leasing strategy underway for that
Tenant contact and meetings report with due focus on tenant expansion, contraction, and relocation
Maintenance management and outstanding maintenance
Budget performance on income and expenditure to date
Capital expenditure items and performance
Common area functionality report including services and amenities for customers and tenants to the property
Regional changes and market commentary that can impact the property
Regional commentary on competitive property and their vacancies that can impact the clients property
Supply and demand for space in the local areaFrom the above list the client can be well informed and hence make clear decisions on the future of key property matters. A professional property manager working on commercial property should provide this quality monthly reporting and market intelligence for their landlords.

Website Development for Entertainers

In this day and age of technology it seems like every professional must have a website that showcases who they are and what they have to offer to the world. Entertainers are individuals that can truly benefit from having an established website that describes their experience, skills and reputation in the entertainment industry. In order to create the best website an entertainer needs to team up with a website development company that specializes in website development for entertainers. Entertainers are a special class of professionals that use their skills and experience in order to add to the pleasure of the general public. The general public truly focuses on the latest happenings and gossip when it comes to individuals that are part of that is the world. With this said, an entertainer can have the true ability to connect with their fans and followers through a personalized website that is created by a company that specializes in website development for entertainers.These types of companies understand what entertainer needs in order to showcase who they truly are and what they plan to do in the future in the best possible way. A website can serve as a sort of online virtual resume for talent agents that wish to scout out an entertainer for work in the near future. In addition, entertainer can use the ability to have website development for entertainers in order to make their mark in the entertainment industry in both the United States and across the globe. Actors in the United States and entertainers are loved by fans that are based in countries other than the United States. In fact the majority of an entertainer’s fans may not originate from their home country.This is why an entertainer needs to have a website that is developed and custom tailored just for them in order to ensure that they have the ability to connect with their fans that may be located in other countries that may not have the chance to view the entertainer in a live setting. In addition, entertainer can also put up a previous presentations on a website of their own. This is a great option because it allows an entertainer to showcase their skills to individuals that may not have had the chance to come across their work and who they are through attending a previous event.Finally, website development for entertainers has the unique opportunity to give the entertainer the chance to have a voice that can’t be heard at all times and without boundaries or limits.

Where To Invest Money – Investing Money With Stable Consistent Returns!

One of the top ways to earn money is by investing, this something that everyone knows. By investing your money, whether you’re starting off with a little bit or with a lot, you can truly make more money than you ever imagined possible.Years ago, the most popular method of investing was the stock market and while it is still popular today, there are many others ways to invest now, many that are potentially much more profitable and many that are much more consistent.The key when it comes to earning the most money possible is to find investments that are both very profitable and very consistent. While this may sound tough, the truth is there are some great investment opportunities out there that are both very stable and consistent, along with very profitable.Today, our investment and finance experts are going to talk about two of the most consistent as well as profitable ways to invest so that you can get started earning more money investing online than you ever thought possible!IRA AccountsOne of the most profitable as well as most consistent ways to invest are IRA accounts. IRA investment accounts offer people a long term way to invest and make a lot of money doing so, even if they don’t have a lot of experience in the investing world.While some IRA accounts cost money to open, the truth is that the best IRA accounts are free to open. IRA accounts can earn a lot of money over time and some people have even invested in their IRA account, forgotten about it, and opened it years later to realize that they had a lot more money in their account from investing than they ever imagined they would.An IRA account is an amazing, long term way to invest that offers some of the best long term and consistent returns possible.Investing In Peer To Peer Lending NetworksOne amazing way to invest is through peer to peer lending networks. Peer to peer lending networks are networks where borrowers get loans which are funded in whole or in part by online investors.By investing in people through peer to peer lending networks, you can start off with a little or a lot and earn a large, consistent return from your peer to peer lending investments.Some people have literally gotten rich investing in peer to peer lending networks, and these types of investments are quickly becoming one of the most profitable as well as consistent ways to invest!